Echigo-Matsunoyama Museum of Natural Science “Kyororo”

What is KYORORO?

“Kyororo” is a natural science museum in Matsunoyama Tokamachi, Niigata. The name of our museum derives from the song of the ruddy kingfisher, a bright red bird who migrates
from warmer islands in Southeast
Asia to our beech forests in early
summer for reproduction.

What is KYORORO?

A Huge Rusty…Submarine?

With a structure 160 m long situated in an rural forest, the Echigo-Matsunoyama Museum of Natural Science “KYORORO” is quite inconspicuous. It was designed by architects, Takaharu and Yui Tezuka, and constructed from plates of weathering steel that weigh approximately 2,000 t. The building appears red due to rusting, and this outer layer of rust actually protects the inside of the building by acting as a guard against further rusting!

A Huge Rusty...Submarine?


Permanent Exhibition

Usuke Shiga Collection

Usuke Shiga Collection

The collection of butterflies from around the world donated by amateur entomologist, Mr. Usuke Shiga. He pioneered designing equipments for insect sampling in Japan, which are also exhibited at Kyororo.

Satoyama Aquarium

Satoyama Aquarium

Visitors can meet some of fishes, amphibians, and aquatic insects inhabit Tokamachi city. We also offered hands-on non-native red swamp crayfish and native fish-catching experience.

Matsunoyama Treasure Box

Matsunoyama Treasure Box

A participatory exhibition in which the treasures of local residents are stored in 200 drawers.

Diorama of Local Rice Paddy Terraces

Diorama of Local Rice Paddy Terraces

A Speaking model which explains about cultivation practices and seasonal changes in local rice paddy terraces.

Echigo-Tsumari Art Field Artworks

Echigo-Tsumari Art Field Artworks


Activities at KYORORO

The ACTIVITY is mightier than the PEN!

We offer various activities for people of all ages to experience and learn about the local nature and culture of satoyama. We may also be able to prepare activities upon your requests. Please ask us for more information.

Satoyama Nature Watching

▲ Satoyama Nature Watching

Edible Herb and Mushroom Picking Tours

▲ Edible Herb and Mushroom Picking Tours

Night Insect Watching

▲ Night Insect Watching

Snowshoes Excursions

▲ Snowshoes Excursions

Traditional Rice Paddy Workshop

▲ Traditional Rice Paddy Workshop

Local Culture Experiences

▲ Local Culture Experiences

Woodcrafting Challenge

▲ Woodcrafting Challenge


Learning at KYORORO

Science Transforms “Ordinary” to “Treasure”

Our exhibitions presents local nature and culture from various points of view to promote the attraction of the local community.

  • Special Exhibitions

    Special Exhibitions

    Various hands-on exhibitions help you to learn about local nature and culture with fun. A special part of our summer exhibitions is a free-to-touch living insect section. We also exhibit the regional biodiversity, ecology, and related subject with clear scientific explanation.

  • Open Air Museum Forest of Kyororo

    Open Air Museum
    “Forest of Kyororo”

    Our museum grounds include a huge 80 hectare satoyama field known as the “Forest of Kyororo”. There are various environments such as beech forests, ponds, and grassland where we can enjoy many kinds of field activities such as nature conservation project, and scientific investigations. Visitors can also explore the forest freely.


十日町市立里山科学館 越後松之山「森の学校」キョロロ

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